What our clients say about us

“I have been working with the design and print unit at UN Geneva for nearly six years. We collaborate twice a year to do the layout, design and printing of UNHCR’s annual Global Appeal and Global Report in both English and French. I would have no compunction in recommending the services of this team. I really appreciate the perfectionism, the breadth of knowledge, the collegiality, the flexibility, the reliability, and the critical feedback that we get on our work. It’s a relationship that I have a lot of trust in.”

Luke McCallin, Chief, Global Appeals and Reports Section, UNHCR Geneva

“When I first arrived at UN Geneva, I discovered this incredible village in the Palais des Nations that is the printing and design unit. We started our relationship with the printing of one book, and now we work together constantly throughout the year on print, design, and microsites. They are very receptive and abundantly creative. They always understand what we ask for; working with them is a quick and intuitive process that goes very fast. It’s wonderful. To change narratives and make information accessible, we have to be innovative in the way we communicate, so it makes a difference that we work very well with this team. It’s a win-win process. And our partners are happy that their content is transformed into something that is very catchy.”

Aziyade Louise Poltier Mutal, Senior Programme Officer, Partnerships, Perception Change Project

“Building on our 5 years of collaboration, the designers at UN Geneva perfectly know our brand requirements regarding color palettes, fonts, margin spaces and other layout features. They are able to produce a nice, elegant and professional publication with complex content that respects our branding. So far, we have already produced together
20 publications which contain between 160 to 250 pages each, and we are about to work on the 21st and 22nd publications.”

Isabelle Rapoport Hauville, Global Appeals and Reports Section, UNHCR Geneva

“I’ve been working with the design and production unit since 2018. I’ve been extremely impressed with the management of timelines on their side, which is key for me. The quality of design is superb. They are very client-oriented, always willing to engage and listen to our needs. Every year, we have been coming back to them. We operate on a clear basis of trust. The quality of design is why I would highly recommend them to anyone else. I like that we can have someone be creative for us.”

Ksenia Glebova, Donor Relations Officer, IIIM Syria Donor and External Relations Officer, OHCHR (2018-2021)

“We were very happy with the design solutions provided. The design flowed beautifully and was logically connected; we had only minimal comments. Everything was completed within the timeline. I would describe the design solutions unit as highly professional and well-organized. As a client, our interactions were practical and results-oriented, and it was easy to establish a common understanding.”

Andres Vikat, Chief of Section, Statistics UNECE

“I work with the design and production unit every year to produce the Annual Report of the Secretary-General on the Work of the Organization. They are extremely professional, provide a very quick turnaround, and have great attention to detail. As the client, I like that it’s always a two-way conversation; both sides suggest ideas, and it’s very much a partnership. This report is mandated by the UN Charter and presented by the Secretary-General to the General Assembly every year, so it is important we get it right. The last report was the best one so far. That’s the feedback we’ve received, that it continues to improve every year. The layout and design were excellent and I’m extremely impressed with the consistent high quality of the products.”

Alana Poole, Programme Officer, EOSG

“I work every year with the design and production unit to produce the UN Geneva annual report. The work includes graphic design, printing, and distribution. I’m completely satisfied with every aspect of the collaboration – the design and production are excellent, and I appreciate the willingness to help out. Everything all comes together. There is a lot of expertise within the team. People have done this for a long time, and they know how things work. They are talented and professional.”

Daria Brankin,
Programme Management Officer, ODG


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