Not a Woman's Job?
Breaking Barriers in Sports
Women still face all kinds of gender barriers in sports. Despite this, many have broken down these barriers to excel in their field.

The United Nations Office at Geneva, through the Perception Change Project, has organized in collaboration with the International Olympic Committee a spin-off exhibition of the original "Not a Woman's Job?" exhibition to showcase inspiring women who have broken down gender barriers in sports. Athletes from around the world and across sporting disciplines are recognized by the exhibition for their contributions to reducing gender inequalities.

The photos have been submitted by Permanent Missions and Permanent Observer Offices to the United Nations Office at Geneva, and by the International Olympic Committee. The photos celebrate women who have challenged gender stereotypes to thrive in roles typically considered to be for men. By exhibiting the successes of so many inspiring women, the project demonstrates that every aspect of sport is a Woman’s Job.

Olympic Committee
We have received 65 photos from 39 Permanent Missions and a Permanent Observer Office, and 30 photos from the International Olympic Committee. The exhibition features athletes, as well as coaches, referees, community leaders, and broadcasters to celebrate women’s participation in all aspects of sport.