Cities take up a mere 3% of our Earth’s landmass, but they produce 75% of our global carbon emissions! This simple fact shows how critical it has become to manage our cities responsibly. Urban Planners construct small- or large-scale development plans for inclusive and sustainable urbanisation.
A Graphic Designer can create infographics that present information on sustainable urban living and can aim to make these simple, clear, and visually attractive in order to appeal to busy city dwellers. Moreover, infographics can be displayed in online forums and public spaces so as to be viewed by as many people as possible.
Car emissions send greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, cause air pollution in cities, and damage health. AutoMechanics repair and maintain cars, lawn mowers, lorries, and other types of
engines to make them more efficient and reduce their emissions.
Many urban residents are used to living around construction sites, as cities are constantly developing and adapting to change. Today, Construction Managers should ensure that their projects include measures to increase sustainability, accessibility, safety, resource efficiency, and resilience.
Adapting to climate change, especially when it comes to mitigation and disaster risk reduction, requires innovation and the combined efforts of many different parties. One such party is a Meteorologist. Through his or her study of the atmosphere and weather, a Meteorologist can inform societies and authoritative bodies about extreme weather and natural disaster warnings intime to take action to reduce their impact and save lives.
When natural disasters - including water-related disasters –strike, many people and businesses find it impossible to recover financially. Certain Insurance Brokers can help people mitigate the damage of natural disasters, not only by managing insurance claims, but by educating their clients on disaster recovery planning.
Millions of city residents depend on Buses, Taxis, Trams, etc. for their everyday mobility. Public Transport Drivers should drive responsibly – both in terms of safety and fuel-efficiency – and pay special attention to the needs of people with disabilities, the elderly, pregnant women and children.
As Tour Guides show visitors around specific locations, providing them with enlightening information and interesting facts, they’re essential to safeguarding the world’s cultural and natural heritage.
A Parks and Recreation Director holds an important position on a city council, as they manage the department responsible for planning and operating recreation areas around a city. They can provide abundant public green spaces that are accessible and safe, particularly for women, children, people with disabilities, and the elderly.
What would it be like if nobody collected your rubbish? Although it may not seem like a pleasant job, Waste Collectors are unquestionably vital to the functioning of a city. As a Waste Collector, you should prioritise collecting waste correctly (e.g., recyclables vs. non-recyclables), rather than quickly. This supports the environmental aspects of waste management systems.