Elise Luhr Dietrichson


Elise Luhr Dietrichson is a Research Associate at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), from which she received a Master’s in International Studies and Diplomacy. Her research focuses on international norms and particularly the Southern contributions to the United Nations’ founding documents. Together with Fatima Sator, she has presented research at the UN and at academic conferences highlighting Bertha Lutz, from Brazil, and the Latin American contribution to women’s rights in the UN Charter. Their advocacy has also received attention outside academia, as the UN is now re-discovering its own legacy. They recently presented at the Trusteeship Council at the UN Headquarters where they sparked a debate on the lack of recognition of historical women shaping the UN, and will in 2019 feature in an HBO documentary about gender equality at the UN through the discovery of Bertha Lutz. Elise is currently deployed by NORCAP as Research Coordinator at UN Women in Lebanon where she works with female Syrian refugees. She continues to advocate for the recognition of women's contribution to international affairs through research and advocacy. 

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