Novelita V. Palisoc


Novelita V. Palisoc is a Filipina domestic worker, President of United Domestic Workers of the Philippines (UNITED), and an advocate for the rights and empowerment of domestic workers worldwide. She has worked on and off as a domestic worker for 20 years, both within the Philippines, and as a migrant. Throughout her career, Ms Palisoc experienced first-hand a range of abuses that some 70 million domestic workers risk facing every day when they go to work. In 2015, together with fellow domestic workers, and the support of the International Domestic Workers’ Federation (IDWF) and the Labour Education and Research Network (LEARN), Ms. Palisoc was elected to lead the first executive committee of UNITED. UNITED is the first domestic workers’ union in the Philippines, which aims to strengthen solidarity and unity and supporting activities for the empowerment of domestic workers in the Philippines and globally.

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